The Maven PLDoc CPD plugin code comprises a thin wrapper around the ANT classes specified in the PLDoc CPD project.

The hope is that the PLSQL language will be folded into the main PMD/CPD project.


Compilation takes a couple of minutes. Build requires that the PLDoc CPD project artefacts are available, usually via installation into the local repository.

mvn install                     Compile and install artefacts into local repository (this requires previous 
                                installation of the pldoc project)

Site Generation

Site generation takes a couple of minutes.

mvn site         Site generation to target directory
mvn site:deploy  Refresh site at Sourceforge

Code Release

New versions should be released using the Maven release plugin which automates a lot of the steps needs to create a successful release. A successful release will automatically be deployed to the central Maven repository, via rsync synchronisation. The synchronisation process may take several days.

For more information about the steps required to deploy to Sourceforge, refer to Deployment to Sourceforge.

mvn release:prepare                          Validate code tree (including build), extract code from SCM and build
ssh -t <username>, create  Create remote Sourceforge shell required for site deployment
mvn release:perform                          Deploy release artefacts to Sourceforge and update site