Maven PLDoc Plugin Settings
maven.pldoc.application.titleYesName of the application, appears in the generated documentation. Default value is $
maven.pldoc.src.dirYesThe location of the PL/SQL source code. Default value is $basedir/src/main/sql location of the generated documentation (HTML files). Default value is $
maven.pldoc.includesYesSpecifies a list of patterns to include in the documentation generation process. Default value is **/*.sql
maven.pldoc.inputEncodingYesThe encoding used in the input files. Default value is the operating system default encoding.
maven.pldoc.namesCaseYesDesired output format for PL/SQL identifiers- it has 4 options:-"lower" (coerce all names to lower case), "upper" (coerce all names to upper case), "mixed" (all names are left as-is, relying on the coder to ensure that case matches) and "default" (Oracle default: unquoted names are upper case, quoted names are mixed case).
maven.pldoc.overviewFileYesThe overview file in HTML format.
maven.pldoc.stylesheetYesFile with CSS-stylesheet for the result documentation. If omitted, default CSS will be used.
maven.pldoc.sourcestylesheetYesFile with CSS-stylesheet for any saved source code (see savesourcecode). If omitted, default CSS will be used.
maven.pldoc.namescaseYesUpper/lower case to format PL/SQL names. If omitted, no case conversion is done.upper
maven.pldoc.exitonerrorYes"yes" forces program exit when some input file cannot be processed. If "no" (the default), the file is skipped and processing continues.
maven.pldoc.dbUrlYesJDBC URL to connect to the target database - jdbc:oracle:thin:@//HOST:PORT/SERVICE or SIDjdbc:oracle:thin:@//
maven.pldoc.dbUserYesDatabase user name - the user should have execute privilege to the PL/SQL or should have SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE
maven.pldoc.dbPasswordYesDatabase user password
maven.pldoc.inputTypesYesComma-separated list of Oracle Object types which should be parsed from the data dictionaryPROCEDURE,FUNCTION,TRIGGER,PACKAGE,TYPE,PACKAGE BODY,TYPE BODY
maven.pldoc.inputObjectsYesComma separated list of SCHEME_NAME.OBJECT_NAME values to be checked for matching objects- these values may contain Oracle wildcards, e.g. "%" and "_"HR.%,%,PM.%,SCOTT.%,SH.%
maven.pldoc.showSkippedPackagesYesDisplay list of modules which failed to parse in log output and in generated documentation.
maven.pldoc.ignoreInformalCommentsYesIgnore informal PL/SQL comments "--" when searching for PLDoc comments.
maven.pldoc.plscopeYesExtract amd merge PLScope information when generating documentation from the database
maven.pldoc.savesourcecodeYesSave source code to the file system when reading from the database
maven.pldoc.driverNameYesFully qualified class name of the JDBC driver used to access a
maven.pldoc.getMetadataStatementYesA callable statement taking the same parameters as Oracle's DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL function."? = call PLS.GET_SOURCE_LOB( ? , ? , ? , ? , ? , ? )"
maven.pldoc.getMetadataStatementReturnTypeYesInteger equivalent to the java.sql.types constant returned by getMetaDataStatement: typically 12 (VARCHAR2) or 2005 (CLOB).2005