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Release History

1.5.192016-11-23Minor Fixes
1.5.182016-08-06Minor Fixes
1.5.172015-01-15Minor Fixes
1.5.162015-01-05Minor Fixes
1.5.152014-07-29Integrate with maven-pmd-plugin
1.5.142014-02-23Minor Fixes
1.5.132014-02-15Minor Fixes
1.5.122014-01-30Minor Fixes
1.5.112013-11-14Minor Fixes
1.5.102013-11-13Minor Fixes
1.5.82013-11-09Minor Fixes
1.5.72013-10-21Minor Fixes
1.5.62013-08-04Minor Fixes
1.5.52013-07-22Minor Fix
1.5.42013-07-17Minor Updates
1.5.32013-06-24Minor Fix
1.5.22013-05-24Minor Fix
1.5.12013-05-22Minor Fixes
1.5.02013-05-20Rearrange output
1.4.22013-04-30Parser Bug Fixes
1.4.12013-04-29Aspiration and Fallback
1.4.02013-04-28Source Code Integration
1.3.112013-04-12PLScope call fixes
1.3.102013-04-08Include PLScope call information; support Java
1.3.92013-03-31Migrate to new Sourceforge project format
1.3.82013-03-30Move deployments to Sonatype OSS Maven Repository
1.3.72013-03-25Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.62013-01-03Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.52013-01-02Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.42012-12-31Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.32012-08-04Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.22012-07-19Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.12012-06-20Minor Bug Fixes
1.3.02012-06-18Add ignoreInformalComments property to ANT task
1.2.12012-06-12Minor Bug fixes
1.2.02012-06-10Allow PLDoc to document Other Database Types
1.1.42012-05-09Minor Bug fixes
1.1.32012-05-05Minor Bug fixes
1.1.22012-03-14Minor Bug fixes
1.1.12012-02-27Minor Bug fixes
1.1.02012-02-06Allow Document mixed-case generation in PLDOc and ANT task and Minor Bug fixes
1.0.02012-01-30Bug fixes - declare success and release as 1.0.0
0.9.102012-01-22Bug fixes
0.9.92012-01-12Bug fixes
0.9.82011-12-06Bug fixes
0.9.72011-11-26Minor bug fixes
0.9.62011-11-20Minor bug fixes
0.9.52011-09-26Add support for database-based PL/SQL to ANT task; update ANT examples for JAVA 5 and above
0.9.42011-09-14Increased support for file-based PL/SQL
0.9.32011-08-31More Mavenisation of the project
0.9.22011-08-30Generate application bundles for end-users
0.9.12011-08-24Major external development merged into code tree; project source code moved to Subversion
0.9.0 PLDoc Maven 2 Plugin 

Release 1.5.19 - 2016-11-23

fixParse OBJECT TYPE functions as PACKAGES Fixes 109. Thanks to James Sumners.sturton

Release 1.5.18 - 2016-08-06

fixURIencode schema names - cope with Oracle 12c Common Users (C## prefix)sturton

Release 1.5.17 - 2015-01-15

fixAllow more flexible conditional compilation code; exclude objects in the recycle binsturton

Release 1.5.16 - 2015-01-05

fixCorrect scraped source code suffix mapping for FUNCTIONs ('fns' to 'fnc')sturton

Release 1.5.15 - 2014-07-29

updatePopulate scraped source code with path to PLDoc; alter source stylesheet to generate link to related PLDocsturton

Release 1.5.14 - 2014-02-23

fixStrip BOM from UTF* InputStreams Fixes 103.sturton

Release 1.5.13 - 2014-02-15

updateAdd Windows and Linux Drag and Drop scriptssturton
fixPRAGMA INLINE(...) breaks parser Fixes 101.sturton

Release 1.5.12 - 2014-01-30

fixAllow Package and Type bodies to be EDITIONABLE Fixes 102.sturton

Release 1.5.11 - 2013-11-14

fixAvoid in ResourceResolver on Windows platformssturton

Release 1.5.10 - 2013-11-13

updateRemove debug messagessturton

Release 1.5.9 - 2013-11-13

updateGenerate better links for types in other schemas using private synonymssturton
updateGenerate landing links for PL/SQL RECORD typessturton

Release 1.5.8 - 2013-11-09

fixGenerate better links for types in other schemassturton

Release 1.5.7 - 2013-10-21

fixMake RELEASE an unreserved keywordsturton

Release 1.5.6 - 2013-08-04

updatepldoc - update POM file to Sourceforge2 trackingsturton
fixMake NULLIF and RENAME unreserved keywords Fixes 91.sturton

Release 1.5.5 - 2013-07-22

updateCorrect 12C ACCESSIBLE BY clause for multiple accessorssturton

Release 1.5.4 - 2013-07-17

updateSupport 11G EDITIONABLE/NONEDITIONABLE objectssturton
updateSupport 12C ACCESSIBLE BY clausesturton

Release 1.5.3 - 2013-06-24

fixAllow "DEFINE" SQL*plus keyword as unreserved keywordf within Pl/SQLsturton

Release 1.5.2 - 2013-05-24

fixGenerate valid XHTML for scraped sourcecodesturton
updateAdd links to CPD and maven-cpd-plugin projects, and to project newssturton

Release 1.5.1 - 2013-05-22

fixAttempt to identify PROCEDURE and FUNCTION schema from source when parsing SQL scripts, defaulting to the traditional default (GLOBAL) when no schema is givensturton
fixWhilst aggregating FUNCTIONs and PROCEDUREs in to _${SCHEMA} pseudo-packages, key is SCHEMA,NAME, rather than NAMEsturton

Release 1.5.0 - 2013-05-20

updateOutput web pages to separate schema subdirectories, preventing overwritten HTML files when different schemas have objects with the same object namesturton

Release 1.4.3 - 2013-05-12

updateAdd CPD CSS settings to facilitate consistent PLDoc and PLDoc-CPD output documentationsturton
updateMake PLScope dictionary views consistent with changes made in release 1.4.1 - attempt to use DBA_* dictionary view and revert to ALL_* views on errorsturton
updateExpose methods to create static CSS and XSL for downstream Maven projectssturton
updateMake ANT task camelCase like showSkippedPackagessturton

Release 1.4.2 - 2013-04-30

fixAllow trigger REFERENCING clause to have a minimum of ZERO sub-clausessturton
fixSupport ANSI Date literalssturton

Release 1.4.1 - 2013-04-29

updateInitially attempt to locate objects for processing from DBA_OBJECTS, falling back to ALL_OBJECTS on errorsturton

Release 1.4.0 - 2013-04-28

fixCorrect infinite loop in SubstitutionReader for situation when the replacement text contains the search textsturton
addAdd option to save database source code to file system for subsequent display using new "-savesourcecode" and "-sourcestylesheetfile" command-line flagssturton
addAdd option to save database source code to file system for subsequent display using new "savesourcecode" and "sourcestylesheet" Ant task attributessturton

Release 1.3.11 - 2013-04-12

fixCorrect generation of caller/callee information for standalone FUNCTIONs, PROCEDUREs and TRIGGERssturton
updateConvert "Calls:" and "Called From": sections into linkssturton

Release 1.3.10 - 2013-04-08

updatepom.xml - add PMD as dependencysturton
addAdd support for extracting and merging PLScope calling information in PLDocsturton
addAdd support for parsing CREATE OR REPLACE JAVA statements - Java parsing is delegated to the PMD Java parsersturton
addAdd property to the PLDoc ANT task to request inclusion of PLScope call informationsturton

Release 1.3.9 - 2013-03-31

updatepom.xml - updated for new source code locationssturton

Release 1.3.8 - 2013-03-30

TypeChangesBy rsync synchronisation to Maven Central repository has ceased - redirect release deployments to intermediate Sonatype OSSRH. Original rsync synchronisation request -; rsync synchronisation reactivation request -; Sonatype OSSRH setup request -

Release 1.3.7 - 2013-03-25

fixSupport multiple labels before global Blocksturton

Release 1.3.6 - 2013-01-03

fixSupport "INTO", "USING" and "RETURNING" clauses in "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" statementssturton
updateReduce parsing errors in SQL scripts - cope with (and ignore) SYNONYM, DIRECTORY, DATABASE LINK commands and various otherwise unsupported DDL or access control commandssturton

Release 1.3.5 - 2013-01-02

fixSupport "FORCE" keyword in CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE Fixes 3599012.sturton

Release 1.3.4 - 2012-12-31

fixCorrect parsing of 'NOT NULL' constraint in TYPE and SUBTYPE definitions; allow globalBlocks to be preceded by labelssturton
fixSchema Summary Page was not a well-formed HTML pagesturton
fixRetrofit skip2NextTokenOccurrence() special token handling from PMD worksturton
updateRetrofit support for CONTINUE statement (new in 11G) from PMD worksturton
fixEnsure ANT support for stylesheet and overview parameterssturton
updateJAVACC: change CHOICE_AMBIGUITY_CHECK from 3 to 2 (the default) - this dramatically speeds up the JAVACC step (back to a few minutes from 90-100-minutes), but may introduce errorssturton

Release 1.3.3 - 2012-08-04

fixSupport "AT LOCAL" and "AT TIME ZONE (DBTIMEZONE|SESSIONTIMEZONE|literal|expression)" time zone clauses Fixes 3553725.sturton

Release 1.3.2 - 2012-07-19

updateAdd SUMMARY element for objects and object level methods in Application.xml- allow relating PL/SCOPE information to methodssturton
updateDisplay processed/skipped object counts as pie-chart in the generator pagesturton
updateAdd PRECEDES trigger ordering syntaxsturton
updateSupport (FORWARD|REVERSE) CROSSEDITION Cross-Edition Trigger syntaxsturton

Release 1.3.1 - 2012-06-20

fixSupport remote procedure calls Fixes 3535118.sturton

Release 1.3.0 - 2012-06-18

updateAdd ignoreInformalComments property to ANT tasksturton

Release 1.2.1 - 2012-06-12

fixSupport datatype across database link Fixes 3532414. Thanks to Torsten Kleiber.sturton

Release 1.2.0 - 2012-06-10

addAdd properties to allow the PLDoc ANT tasks to process non-Oracle databasessturton

Release 1.1.4 - 2012-05-09

fixAllow USING (CHAR_CS|NCHAR_CS) character set specification within arguments Fixes 3521945. Thanks to Harald Jocham.sturton

Release 1.1.3 - 2012-05-05

fixAllow ATTRIBUTE keyword as a name Fixes 3512149. Thanks to Gary Bentley.sturton
fixAllow MAP keyword as a name in body code Fixes 3512150. Thanks to Gary Bentley.sturton
fixAllow others (STATIC|UROWID|VARRAY|VARYING|EXTERNAL|MODIFY|AGGREGATE|OVERRIDING|OID|UNDER|RESULT|FINAL|INSTANTIABLE) unreserved keywords as names in body code Thanks to Gary Bentley.sturton
fixAllow STATIC keyword as a namesturton

Release 1.1.2 - 2012-03-14

fixCorrect PLDoc usage message on encountering invalid command-line Fixes 3495570.sturton

Release 1.1.1 - 2012-02-27

updateExperimental- expose PLDoc Resolver, Resources, and parse() method; create net.sourceforge.PLDoc.database.PLDocParser class to define PLDoc parsing within databases- this is an intermediate stage to allowing PL/SQL access to PLDoc parsingsturton
fixunit.xsl generate method landing page nmes in correct case, rather than lower casesturton

Release 1.1.0 - 2012-02-06

updatePLDocTask ANT task "namesCase" setting now has 4 options:-"lower" (coerce all names to lower case), "upper" (coerce all names to upper case), "mixed" (all names are left as-is, relying on the coder to ensure that case matches) and "default" (Oracle default: unquoted names are upper case, quoted names are mixed case) Fixes 3477662.sturton
updateAllow mixed case documentation generation - add this to the command-line "-defaultNamesCase mixed" Fixes 3477662.sturton
updateAdd ResourceResolver to TransformerFactory in order to allow xsl:import and xsl:includesturton
updateRefactor common XSLT variables and templates into common and common-exslt.xslsturton
fixCorrect CURSOR documentation generationsturton

Release 1.0.0 - 2012-01-30

updateOutput PLDoc release version in Generator pagesturton
updateDocument Compound Triggers like package bodiessturton

Release 0.9.10 - 2012-01-22

updateUpdate POM.XML to use JAVACC Maven plugin 2.6sturton
fixSupport MULTISET operators. "OF" keyword in MULTISET conditions is optional; Fixes 3473753. Thanks to Wernfried Domscheit.sturton
fixAllow SUBTYPE RANGE limits to be negative numbers. Fixes 3472934.sturton
fixIgnore Java Escape Code Prefix "\u" Fixes 3473352.sturton

Release 0.9.9 - 2012-01-12

fixAdd "RELIES_ON (table(,table)*)" clause to RESULT_CACHE pragma; support MULTISET keywords and conditions; correct TRIM keywords for SQL99 TRIM syntax (LEADING and TRAILING rather than LEFT and RIGHT). Fixes 3469812. Thanks to Wernfried Domscheit.sturton

Release 0.9.8 - 2011-12-06

fixXML parsing error when running pldoc in ANT. Fixes 3441966. Thanks to Gurpreet Singh.sturton
fixCorrectly generate deprecated markup in body pages Fixes 3449496.sturton
updateGenerate sample documentation using ISO-8859-15 input encoding to demonstrate national character settingssturton

Release 0.9.7 - 2011-11-26

addGenerate documentation for PACKAGE and OBJECT TYPE bodies. Fixes 3418199. Thanks to Gurpreet Singh.sturton
fixProductionsObjectTypes.jj - parse simplest inherited subtype Fixes 3443147.sturton
fixCorrectly generate deprecated page Fixes 3441906.sturton

Release 0.9.6 - 2011-11-20

fixProductions.jj - Fix regression where packaged functions and procedures without parameter lists were parsed as fields. Fixes 3440459. Thanks to Tom Wiley.sturton - set pldoc.home Ant property to the script's execution directorysturton
fixUnit.xsl - sort method and field detail by namesturton

Release 0.9.5 - 2011-09-26

TypeChangesBy - add mising setter method required for PLDocTasksturton - when called from PLDocTask, redirect in allschemas.xsl showed same problem as unit.xsl had done. Same workaround applied (pass absolute path explicitly as targetFolder XSL parameter)sturton
updatepom.xml - Filter ANT example batch scriptssturton
updatepom.xml - Add ANT examples to distributionsturton

Release 0.9.4 - 2011-09-14

fixFixed problem with spaces in output directory paths Fixes 1927841.sturton
fixSQL*Plus commands caused subsequent PL/SQL to be ignored Fixes 1433480.sturton
fixSQL commands in scripts cause parsing to fail Fixes 3407913.sturton
updatepom.xml - move reporting info to recommended Maven 3 location ; add mailing list information; added message about approximate duration of JAVACC phasesturton
updatechanges.xml - convert changes.txt to changes.xmlsturton

Release 0.9.3 - 2011-08-31

addAdd ability to skip PLSQL.jj generation (and subsequent unnecessary JavaCC and Javac steps) to pom.xml use "skipJavacc=true" on the command linesturton
addfile-based integration tests from
updateModule HTML pages are now encoded as UTF-8 rather than ISO-8859-1, preventing corruption of module pages Thanks to popalka.sturton
fixBundled example scripts now run against bundled samples directorysturton
fixSite menu link to Sourceforge development site correctedsturton

Release 0.9.2 - 2011-08-30

addMaven now creates ZIP, TGZ, and TBZ bundles of JAR files, scripts and sample filessturton
addObject/file parsing messages are now suppressed by default: use the new -verbose flag to display themsturton
addSite Download menu option now links to download page containing links to JAR files and bundlessturton

Release 0.9.1 - 2011-08-24

updatePLDoc repository moved to Subversionsturton
addParser supports Collections (see test/TestDoc3/cand2172_tab.html)sturton
addParser supports Object Types (see test/testinput/objecttypes, test/TestDoc3/cand2169_t.html) Fixes 585794.sturton
addParser supports Schema-level Procedures and Functions(see test/testinput/schemalevel) Fixes 650505.sturton
addParser supports 11g Triggers (see test/testinput/11g-source, test/TestDoc3/_test_user.htmlsturton
addParser supports Package and Object Type Bodies Fixes 531624.sturton
addParser supports Conditional Compilation tokens (see test/TestDoc3/_global.html#prc_conditional)sturton
addParser supports Q-quoted strings (normal cases - see test/TestDoc3/pkg_qstrings.html) Fixes 1606392.sturton
addParser supports Default values (see test/testinput/datetime-source/pkg_datetime_literals.pks, test/TestDoc3/pkg_datetime_literals.html)sturton
addParser supports most unreserved words (see test/TestDoc3/pkg_test_unreserved_keyword.html)sturton
addParser supports split operators, e.g. " 1 ! /* comment ... */ = 2 " (see test/TestDoc3/split_operators.html)sturton
addDocument schema-level functions and procedures within faux-package of the form "_SCHEMA-NAME"sturton
addsupport @see tags) Fixes 650469.sturton
addinline tags (see test/testinput/objecttypes/TY_FIELD_AGGREGATOR.tps, test/TestDoc3/ty_field_aggregator.html) Fixes 752732.sturton
addMaven now creates 2 artefacts (original JAR and a standalone JAR containing all required classes)sturton
updateParse functions based on Java, C libraries Fixes 650472.sturton
updateReuse cursors to prevent MAX_CURSORS exceeded problemssturton
addAllow case of identifiers and keywords to be specified (deviating from defaults would require stylesheet rewrite)sturton
addAttempt to automatically generate HTML links between objectssturton
addExtract metadata using specified SQL92 callable statement (for EnterpriseDB PLDoc generation)sturton
fixARRAY keyword Fixes 1901322.sturton
fixlots of minor fixessturton

Release 0.9.0

addpldoc maven 2 pom has been added, with maven 2 plugin (2.0)altumano
addsynchronization with central maven repo initiated:
fixcur dir issue, part of the documentation could be generated in a different folder.altumano
updatein pldoc.bat,, removed obsolete Oracle jars and added new Oracle Jdbc driver ojdbc14gpaulissen
updateOracle classes not necessary for buildingaltumano
fixSET Causes an error (#1433480) Fixes 1433480.altumano
fixUse of GLOBAL keyword in a package name (#1464791) Fixes 1464791.altumano

Release - 2006-07-10

addLexical parser errors are handled like exceptions and will not interrupt the program any longer.altumano
addMore verbose output added at the end of parsing all packages.altumano
addAdded some new generator summary tags like creation date.altumano
addAdded the dummy package _GLOBAL for all global functions.altumano
addAdded documentation for triggersaltumano
addRefactored tag handling - linked tags like param, return and throws are are language dependent and those are handled like before. Custom tags like author or deprecated and any other tag the user wishes to have will go under the custom tag node TAG.altumano
addXSLT: Added a generator summary page.altumano
addXSLT: Now the deprecated and index list workaltumano
addXSLT: Added triggers to the unit pagealtumano
addXSLT: Refactored the navigation baraltumano

Release 0.8.1.s1 - 2006-07-10

updatesuccessfully processes all kVASy p411 forms pld'saltumano
fixexpression: expression() [<NOT>] <BETWEEN> expression() <AND> expression()altumano
fixexpression: [<NOT>] <IN> ...altumano
fixexpression: [<NOT>] <IN> ... <OR> ...altumano
fixstatement <EXIT> [<WHEN> expression() | <IDENTIFIER>]altumano
fixstatement <END> <LOOP> [<IDENTIFIER>] ";"altumano
fixexpression: <LIKE>altumano
update(statement())+ ==> (statement())*altumano
fixpragma: name=<INTERFACE> "(" <IDENTIFIER> "," <IDENTIFIER> "," numericLiteral() ")"altumano
fixqualifiedName(), qualifiedID(), unqualifiedID()altumano
fixmuch more ...altumano

Release 0.8.3 - 2006-01-22

addadded support for generating documentation from the Oracle dictionary (Oracle 9i or above).gpaulissen
addimproved format of the HTML output:altumano
updatechanged index.xsl to create the 3-frame view (as in normal javadoc)altumano
addadded output for schema overview in upper left framealtumano
updatechanged output for list view in lower left framealtumano
addadded overviews/summariesaltumano
fixcorrected the suggested CVSROOT in readme.txtaltumano
fixError using a doctitle other than "Sample Application" (#999222) Fixes 999222.altumano
fixError when parameter is DEFAULT (2) (#1028068) Fixes 1028068.altumano
updateuse single quotes in pldoc_example.bat (to work on Windows XP)altumano

Release 0.8.2 - 2004-07-21

addInitial support for parsing tables and views (only simpler cases yet)altumano
addIn application.xml, use <TAG type="@deprecated"> instead of <DEPRECATED> and <TAG type="@throws""> instead of <THROWS"> (code submitted by Steve Holt)altumano
fixKeyword PIPELINED unknown (#939294) Fixes 939294.altumano
fixinvocation of pldoc.bat fails when pldoc is installed into directory with spaces in the path (#876225) Fixes 876225.altumano
fixRuntime/command line parameter to skip unparsable files (#832509) Fixes 832509.altumano
fixCorrected name extracting for multiple-word datatypes (like LONG RAW and REF CURSOR)altumano
fixUnable to use timestamp with time zone data type (#971941) Fixes 971941.altumano

Release 0.8.1 - 2003-11-30

addAnt task (#769012) Fixes 769012.altumano
updateall source files moved to src directoryaltumano
updatebuild-related files moved to build directoryaltumano
updatepldoc.jar now contains also *.xsl, *.css and *.dtd filesaltumano
fixlower case pragma causes error (#827062) Fixes 827062.altumano
fixdumps on reserved word DETERMINISTIC (#711093) Fixes 711093.altumano
fixNULL modifier in the COLUMN definition (#831256) Fixes 831256.altumano

Release 0.8 - 2003-10-14

updateXalan jars upgraded from version 2.2.D14 to 2.5.1altumano
addoption -inputencoding to specify character encodings of input filesaltumano
addshow types defined in package spec (#638551) Fixes 638551.altumano
addBetter anchors (#650466) Fixes 650466.altumano
addAlign func/proc parameters by the first (#650501) Fixes 650501.altumano
addAdd a command line options to control case convertion (#771453) Fixes 771453.altumano
fixdocumentation typo (#731017) Fixes 731017.altumano
fixPLDoc does not work on JDK below 1.3 (#751296) Fixes 751296.altumano
fixVARRAY bug (#765345) Fixes 765345.altumano
fixparameter mode (OUT, IN OUT) not shown (#804634) Fixes 804634.altumano
fixshow DEFAULT value for parameters (#809871) Fixes 809871.altumano

Release 0.7 - 2003-04-24

addImplemented: Package comments more conveniently (#644050) Fixes 644050.altumano
addImplemented: make documentation part of the distribution (#692488) Fixes 692488.altumano
addImplemented: Beginner Drag-and-drop (#696678) Fixes 696678.altumano
addImplemented: Support SQL*Plus substitution variables (#723291) Fixes 723291.altumano
fix-doctitle option and sentence argument (#663581) Fixes 663581.altumano
fixParser fails if: "end; -- end package" (#700040) Fixes 700040.altumano

Release 0.6.8 - 2002-12-15

fixProcedure w/o params appears as variable (#643043) Fixes 643043.altumano
fixWrong api gen for overloaded procedures (#652703) Fixes 652703.altumano
fixField Details not generated (#653029) Fixes 653029.altumano
fixCRLF removed from overview document (#653408) Fixes 653408.altumano
fixThe first sentence extraction incorrect (#654037) Fixes 654037.altumano
fixImplemented: The classes should be in packages (#643037) Fixes 643037.altumano
fixImplemented: Change license to LGPL (#647744) Fixes 647744.altumano
fixImplemented: Do not sort field/method details section (#654036) Fixes 654036.altumano
addEnhanced: classes packed into pldoc.jaraltumano
addEnhanced: show PLDoc version numberaltumano

Release 0.6.7 - 2002-11-16

fixAllow multiple @throws like @param (#637931) Fixes 637931.altumano
fixerror parsing REF object_typealtumano
addImplemented: Support 9iR2 assoc array index types (#592444) Fixes 592444.
addImplemented: Treat constants in package spec as field (#556039) Fixes 556039.altumano
addEnhanced: run pldoc from any directory (thanks to Kim Jersin)altumano
addEnhanced: show fully qualified names of datatypesaltumano

Release 0.6.6 - 2002-08-24

fix@deprecated of function makes pack. deprecated (#594662) Fixes 594662.altumano
fix@param MUST be followed by ONE space (#594668) Fixes 594668.altumano
fixSpace missing in output when joining lines (#595625) Fixes 595625.altumano
addEnhanced: now using Ant for buildingaltumano

Release 0.6.5 - 2002-05-30

add@throws tag support in function/procedure commentsaltumano
add@deprecated tag support in package/function/procedure commentsaltumano
fixparsing prefixed function callsaltumano

Release 0.6.1 - 2002-05-11

fixbug causing IndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing commentsaltumano
fixallow HTML in @return descriptionaltumano
updatein samples, @headcom tag moved to the end of commentaltumano

Release 0.6 - 2002-04-29

updatein formal comments, tags section must be after the main text, not beforealtumano
adddeclaration Java stored procedures can be parsedaltumano
removeUse and Package linksaltumano
update* Enhanced: parameter names are shown in lowercasealtumano
fix@param description may span on the next linealtumano
fixstrings may contain whatever symbols except closing quotealtumano

Release 0.5 - 2002-03-31

addcursors can now be parsed in package specsaltumano
addsome simple Java stored procedure callspecs can be parsedaltumano
fixlowercase procedures did not show upaltumano
fixerror when overview file not specifiedaltumano
fixquoted identifier supportaltumano
fixparsing mixed-type expressionsaltumano
fixparsing REF CURSOR declarationsaltumano
fixallow < and > in informal commentsaltumano
fixpackage name can be reserved wordaltumano

Release 0.4 - 2002-03-08

addadded date expressionsaltumano
addvariable names in expressions can have dot insidealtumano
add-overview option, allows to specify file with summary textaltumano
addUNIX shell scripts and pldoc.shaltumano

Release 0.3 - 2002-03-01

addRecord types supportedaltumano
addAll expressions (boolean, numeric, character, date) supportedaltumano
addAllows to specify the output directoryaltumano
addCustom stylesheet file can be used (using the -stylesheetfile option)altumano
addCopies stylesheet.css the output directoryaltumano

Release 0.2 - 2002-02-11

No changes in this release.

Release 0.1 - 2002-01-17

No changes in this release.